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Newport Coast Electric handles lighting projects of all sizes, from moderate home improvements and simple upgrades to complete remodeling projects.

We design and implement indoor and outdoor lighting solutions that create a sense of space and brightness. Using low-key ambient lighting installed in ceilings, walls and recesses, we’re able to highlight the best features of a home without overpowering any one area. Our dynamic lighting designs can be adapted to suit large, open spaces or cozy nooks depending on your needs.

At Newport Coast Electric, we use a combination of set-in lighting, ceiling mounted lights, hanging fixtures and sconces to enhance homes inside and out. Each collection of lights is clean and modern and boasts a sleek design that aligns with your personal tastes. We strive to provide excellent lighting that creates a feeling of luxury and comfort in all spaces.

With a trained staff bringing over 30 years of experience to every project, we’re able to continue our tradition of excellence in service through every project from start to finish. Everyone at Newport Coast Electrics prides themselves on these characteristics and works to deliver service consistent with what clients have come to expect from our brand.


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