You can’t create a luxurious home space without the right kind of lighting.

An imbalance between deep shadow and blinding brightness can strain the eyes and make rooms unpleasant to be in. If you find that you can’t relax in your home, poor lighting could be to blame. Newport Coast Electric can help you redesign and upgrade your lighting systems to create comfortable spaces for living and working.

It’s our goal to design lighting solutions that are not only practical but also beautiful. All too often, adding new lighting means running cords along the floor and into plug strips or trying to hide cords underneath rugs. Outdated fixture designs may hang too low and make spaces feel cramped. Aging infrastructure or lighting that wasn’t properly installed when your home was built can pose a hazard to you and your family.

Newport Coast Electric brings quality and integrity to every project. Our staff will work with you or your contactor to design, create and implement your perfect vision for a new home space. It’s our job to see that all lights and wiring are properly placed and connected to ensure safety. Lighting components are concealed in walls and ceilings, eliminating unsightly extension cords and ensuring long-lasting operation.

Our lighting designs exude a sleek, modern feeling that adds a sense of comfort to any room. Whether you prefer a laid-back atmosphere or are looking to add some excitement, Newport Coast Electric is fully equipped to make your dream a reality. Our commitment to excellence means that every remodeling job receives the utmost attention and that no detail is left to chance. Clients trust us to deliver consistent quality every step of the way and see each project through to completion.

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